Wish List

Wish List

It takes a lot to keep a project our size running smoothly. Each month we buy hundreds of bars of soap and thousands of potatoes. We buy diesel fuel to run our generators and our school bus. We pay the tailor across the street to mend the children's clothes and the carpenter up the road to fix our broken school desks. We have an amazing staff of over 80 people who keep our project running smoothly every day, from our talented teaching staff at the school to the team of accountants in the office to our wonderful staff of cooks in the kitchen to our loyal security guards by the gate.

Throughout all of our operating costs, one theme remains constant: we buy local Nepali products and hire local Nepali employees whenever we can to strengthen this community that we love. Each month, our greatest need is meeting these operating costs to keep our doors open and we'd love your help funding anything on the list below. (We've also included a few of our big dream items!)


There's a lot that goes into providing a home for a child: food, clothing, shampoo, toothbrushes, pillows, sheets, blankets, bandaids, soccer balls, laundry soap, books, shoes, vitamins - we could go on and on! In our case, everything on that list is multiplied by 50. 

CAREGIVER'S MONTHLY SALARY: Pays a generous wage to one of our all-star staff members. Everything we do is possible thanks to our amazing team of aunties & uncles, who dedicate their lives to raising our children in a safe, loving environment.

HELP US RUN OUR HOME: Pays for all the bits and pieces that we need each month: vitamins for the kids, new clothes for birthday presents, our solar electricity bill, mosquito nets to keep away the bugs, the occasional new bedsheet, etc.

FEED OUR HOME FOR A MONTH: Stocks our kitchen pantry for one month and pays for all meals eaten in the Children's Home.


Every morning, our little yellow school bus drives through our town picking up the amazing young scholars who make Kopila Valley such a special place. We strive to meet the needs of the whole child, from serving a delicious hot lunch every day to providing life-changing role models in the form of our amazing teaching staff.

CLASS FIELD TRIP: Pays for 50 kids to take an awesome adventure into the great outdoors! 

TUTOR OUR STUDENTS FOR A MONTH: Fund the cost of our tutoring center for one month to give some extra attention to the students who need it the most. 

ONE MONTH OF TEACHER TRAINING: Our teachers move mountains. They are nothing short of superheroes, from maintaining order in the classroom to serving as mentors for our students to doing personal home visits to connect with each family. We're committed to helping them be the best educators they can be.


Most of the children who attend our school do not receive health care outside of our school clinic. We treat minor bumps and bruises on a daily basis, and bring in specialists for school-wide checkups on a regular basis.

TOOTHBRUSHES FOR THE SCHOOL: Buys a new toothbrush for every student. Every morning as part of our hygiene routine, every primary class marches over to the sinks to brush their teeth together.

SPORTS & HEALTH CLUBS: Helps to underwrite all of our extracurricular programs, from the uniforms and equipment of our sports teams to the funding for our big brothers & big sisters clubs.

HEALTHCARE FOR A YEAR FOR 10 KIDS: Pays for the cost of immunizations, exams, and basic healthcare needs for 10 students for one year.


We opened the doors to our Women's Center in 2013 with the goal of providing life-changing job training and education to women in our community. The center expanded in 2014 to include a retail shop in town, staffed by graduates of our training program and stocked with their beautiful handmade products.


ONE MONTH'S TRAINING: Provides one month of life-changing job skills training to an unemployed woman plus a living wage stipend.

ONE YEAR'S SALARY: Pays for 12 months' salary of one of our seamstresses, trained by our job skills program and employed in our Women's Center retail location.

FULLY FUND THE STORE FOR A MONTH: Provides a full month's worth of fabric, thread, batting, sewing machine repairs, lunch, salary, rent, you name it!


Our wish list is the place where we dare to dream. If we could have anything in the world to make our project better, what would it be? This is where we name those items: the big ones, the little ones, the "What if..." ones. Thanks in advance for helping us reach for the stars! If you'd like to purchase one of these wish list items, simply write its name in the Special Instructions section of our donation page, or send us an email today.

MOMO PARTY: Throws a "momo party" with delicious dumplings for the whole house and gives the aunties a night off.

FUND OUR SUMMER CAMP: Provides a fun, safe, enriching summer camp-style program during the 6 week break from school every October, during Nepal's biggest festivals.

BUY US AN AMBULANCE: Purchases our own in-house ambulance for our health clinic. Allows critical emergency transport to the nearest hospital, especially in the event of political strikes and road closures.

A NEW CAR: Pays for a second car for our home & school. Right now, our family of over 50 shares one 4-passenger vehicle. A second car would give us greater freedom to run errands, pick up our weekly food supplies, and make emergency hospital visits.

FUND OUR HOME FOR 10 YEARS: Fully funds all the operating costs of our home for the next 10 years. Help us ensure our doors will stay open for years to come, and frees up our future fundraising efforts for new construction projects and other exciting new ventures! 


Please note: These costs are estimations only and are subject to change. BlinkNow will make every effort to apply contributions towards their designated purposes. However, per IRS requirements, BlinkNow must exercise exclusive legal control over all donations received and therefore must reserve the right to reallocate contributions in its sole discretion in the event that the funding requirements for such purposes have been exceeded, or for other good cause. Any questions, please contact us.