Our New Campus

Our New Campus

We're building a brand-new school! It will be a model of sustainable building practices for the developing world. Our priorities in the design of our new campus were safety, comfort, and sustainability.

Safety: Thick walls with maximum seismic reinforcement. Limiting all building heights to two stories. Wide foundations. All buildings are required to follow the safety standards of New Zealand, which has a similar level of earthquake risk. The buildings of the main academic campus are built with 100% fireproof materials.

Our new sustainable campus!

Comfort: During the hot and humid monsoon season, the walls of our classrooms mitigate large temperature and humidity swings by their mass and makeup - 18” thick stabilized rammed earth. Roof overhangs are sized to shade walls during the summer and let in direct sunlight during winter months through large southern windows. The many openings around each classroom maximize the amount of natural lighting.

A model of sustainable building practices for the developing world.

Sustainability: Building with earth, stabilized with a small percentage of cement, means that we dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of the steel and cement that we do use for construction will eventually be offset by various systems put to use on the campus - solar PV, concentrated solar collectors, biogas for cooking, rainwater harvesting, passive heating and cooling, and natural reed beds to filter and reuse our gray water.

Stay tuned for more information, and read about the latest update in the Kopila Journal.

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