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Kopila Valley Journal


October 23, 2016


Greetings from Surkhet! Our new school year is now well underway, and as we're enjoying the Nepali festival season, we're taking the chance to introduce some great new opportunities for the children. Here is an exclusive update on some of the exciting programs we’re rolling out this year for the Kopila Valley School students.

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October 21, 2016

Love Letter #30 (50 Love Letters)

Dear H, I'll never forget the first few weeks you came to live with us. There's a line in my favorite children's book, I'll Love You Forever, that says "sometimes his mother wanted to sell him to the zoo!" That was me. I wanted to sell you to the zoo. Everyone around me thought I was crazy for taking in yet another kid, at a time when everything in our family was so calm. I started questioning myself. You were my wild child. You got in trouble a lot.

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October 12, 2016

A Semester Abroad

This school year, three boys from Kopila Valley traveled to the U.S. to spend a few months doing a cultural exchange at Mendham Township Middle School and the Peck School in New Jersey. While the entire trip has been exciting for them, there have been specific experiences that stand out more than others - we touched base with them to learn more!

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October 11, 2016

International Day of the Girl 2016

For International Day of the Girl, we celebrated by sharing the dreams and aspirations of the Kopila Valley girls. The girls, ranging in age from 7-18, were asked to complete the phrase, "In my life, I plan to ____."

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October 11, 2016

Deepa’s Poem

In honor of International Day of the Girl, we'd like to share a poem written by one of our very own Kopila Scholars, Deepa Nepali. She originally performed this poem on stage last year and dedicated it to our partners She's the First. It took our breath away. All of the poetry training from the amazing Sarah Kay and the Word Warriors have clearly made an impression.

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