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Kopila Valley Journal

April 26, 2015

Nepal Earthquake: We’re Safe

A 7.9 earthquake hit the Kathmandu region of Nepal on Saturday, April 26. We felt only a few minor tremors here in Surkhet; rest assured that all of our staff & kids are safe. We're hundreds of kilometers away from the epicenter. All of our buildings are intact and our community was thankfully unharmed.

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April 20, 2015

Come hang out with Maggie!

An inspiring speaker, Maggie Doyne delivers a hopeful and promising story and message. She'll be the keynote speaker at several events during April-May in New Jersey, USA. Come join us!

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April 13, 2015

Every now and then I fall apart

Last week I was laying under my mosquito net next to my sleeping baby totally and utterly exhausted with tears in my eyes. It was one of the worst weeks of my entire life. It was so bad I’m not even sure you’ll believe me if I told you how bad it was. It was sad. It was tragic and it all felt very unfair and overwhelming. Part of me feels like I’ve already full-filled my quota of bad things happening. Shouldn’t it stop when you hit a certain number? Also if you pour your heart and soul into trying to stop bad things from happening and work hard enough shouldn’t that somehow safeguard you too? I wish.

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