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Kopila Valley Journal

September 04, 2015

Thank You For Sharing This Summer With Us!

It’s Maggie here and I’m feeling like I have a lot to share so here goes! We’ve felt so loved and supported this summer. It’s kind of unbelievable that YOU, our Facebook pals and BlinkNow family have grown to almost 20,000 people. 20,000!?!? That’s a whole lot of love. We couldn’t do our work without you. I repeat, we COULD NOT do this without you. As a team we’re always marveling at our community, and how cheerful, warm and positive you all are. You are doers and world-changers and when we have our hard days, the moments of overwhelm, where the work feels really really hard, you’ve been there for us through and through. It makes this space a wonderful place to be and share each day.

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August 20, 2015

The Kopila Valley Girls’ Club and Some Panicking

I was told to write a blog. And I panicked. This comes from the ages-long tradition of me panicking when Maggie asks me to do things. I'll back up to the first time Maggie asked me to do something and I panicked.

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July 24, 2015

BlinkNow Futures

The 20 young adults who make up the first graduating class of the Kopila Valley School are truly inspirational. With the many challenges - and in many cases, profound losses - they have experienced, these graduates are well-spoken, talented, well-mannered, civic minded, and curious, with great hopes and aspirations for the future. Their interests span from engineering to computer science, from the arts to the medical profession.

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