Love Letter #22 (50 Love Letters)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dear T,
You came to me with those big bright eyes. They're huge, and every time you tell a story they get wider and wider and bigger and bigger. You love telling stories and you're always so animated and you always have this tone of "you won't believe what happened next, Mom!!!!" When you see me in the morning, no matter what, you come and give me a hug and ask, "How was your sleep?" When you come home from school you ask, "How was your day today, Mom?" You always genuinely want to know the answer.
Whenever there's someone new at the house I can count on you to bring them in, make them feel at home, be their best friend and show them how things work around here. You are the master of letting people feel "in" and a part of things, and the master of bringing our family together. You're kind of our home's social butterfly. You are who I send whenever I want to give a visitor a tour or when I need a buddy for all the new kids.
Oh my gosh, one of my favorite things in the world is watching you on defense on the soccer field. You are always Tope Uncle's and my MVP. You are so scrappy and so aggressive. I watch you go in for the tackle and win the ball every single time even when it looks like there's just no way. It's so much fun to watch you play sports.
You have had your fair share of challenges, your fair share of getting in trouble at school, that's for sure. It was so beautiful how you found meditation this year. I love watching your dedication to your practice and joining in with you whenever I can. It's been inspiring for me to learn from you and how you manage your emotions and how you've learned take that time to center yourself when you need to. I loved when you gave me the Osho book and told me about him and what he's taught you, especially about anger. You and me, we both have tempers. I realized I have a lot to learn from Osho too.
Please never lose your spark. You really do light up our home. I can't imagine our family without you. You make me laugh every single day. Your jokes at satsung are always the best, albeit at times a little inappropriate.

Love, Maggie

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