Letter #20 (50 Love Letters)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dear N, 

The day you came we went on a walk together and I called out the names of everything we saw. On the way home you remembered every single word and repeated them all back to me. I've told that story a million times and it never gets old. Soon you went to school and started reading. I kept bringing harder books home but I couldn't keep up. One day I found you reading Harry Potter. You learned English so fast and were my translator when you were like 7 years old.

I give you a lot of the credit for this family of ours. You were the first and you were so good and everyone else just kind of followed in your foot steps. You and S made most of the rules at our house, and taught everyone else about toilets and light switches and fans and how important it is to study and brush your teeth. I still remember when you were first in your class at Horizon and how proud you were to bring home that report card and how proud I was too.

You are a wonderful person. I love hanging out with you and chatting about life and relationships and people and your thoughts on the world. You've been patient and forgiving with me when I've made mistakes. I feel so proud when I hear you talk to people about our family. My favorite time together was going to the US and showing you where I grew up. It was so much fun making our bucket list and doing so many fun firsts together. I'll always remember when you put on that uniform at Peck and we got up early and curled your hair and I sobbed in the parking lot when I dropped you off at school.

I believe in miracles. I know you were meant to come into my life and we were meant to find each other and build this family of ours together. I mostly believe in you. I never in a million years could have imagined how amazing you would grow up to be but it's happening before my very eyes. This summer I'll drop you off at your first college experience in Europe at one of the best schools in the entire world where you earned yourself a full scholarship. I will cry my eyes out, but they will be all happy tears, all love and pride and gratitude for you. I love you so much. It's still the beginning.

Keep shining!

Love, Maggie
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