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Kopila Valley Journal

50 Love Letters

May 23, 2016

Letter #20 (50 Love Letters)

Dear N, The day you came we went on a walk together and I called out the names of everything we saw. On the way home you remembered every single word and repeated them all back to me. I've told that story a million times and it never gets old. Soon you went to school and started reading. I kept bringing harder books home but I couldn't keep up. One day I found you reading Harry Potter. You learned English so fast and were my translator when you were like 7 years old. I give you a lot of the credit for this family of ours. You were the first and you were so good and everyone else just kind of followed in your foot steps.

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May 23, 2016

Love Letter #25 (50 Love Letters)

Dear K, We were sitting in the purple room the other day when you told me you wanted to study nursing. I asked you why and you told me you wanted to be like Florence Nightingale. I had a flash back to when you were 11 and so badly wanted to go to school. You had to start at the very beginning in kindergarten. I'd find you alone in your room studying and studying and studying, quietly on your own, working hard to make up for all those lost hours. I wanted you to play and be a kid like all the rest of your brothers and sisters but you never wanted to play. I was scared you'd missed out on so much of your childhood that you didn't know how to be a kid. But you came out of your shell in your own way and time.

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May 20, 2016

Letter #19 (50 Love Letters)

Dear D, This is my all time favorite picture of you. I love your eyes and how soft and kind they are. It captures your essence, my sweet, caring, beautiful boy. You love to cook and bake and make things in the kitchen and I always get to be the first to taste test and try all of your creations. Your chocolate cakes are my favorite. We all call you the chef of our family. You take over pizza night too. Can we have pizza night again soon?

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May 16, 2016

Letter #18 (50 Love Letters)

Why you gotta be so cool? Whatever you do, everyone follows. You are the cool big brother that everyone wants to be. You're a leader in so many ways. You picked up the guitar to learn and then so did everyone else. When you get up to dance, we all follow. When you worked hard at school and studied your butt off this year for 12th, all the little ones followed suit. I've loved you since you were little. I used to watch you in satsung getting soooo into it, clapping and yelling and singing with all your heart and soul. It was contagious.

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May 11, 2016

Letter #17 (50 Love Letters)

DearJ, Your sweetness is too much for me to handle. Every time I see you I just want to run up and give you a squeeze. I remember when you came and you didn't have any clothes so I took you out shopping and we got an Angry Bird t-shirt and a toy truck and you were so happy. You wore that t-shirt and your little red cap pretty much every day from that day forward and I feel like you have been happy since that day forward too, so so happy. You hardly cry or get upset. I remember you didn't know how to kiss and whenever you kissed my cheek you would just keep your mouth open and touch it with your lips.

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