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Kopila Valley Journal

August 29, 2014

Time for Action

I’ve gotten lots of calls and message from people around Nepal asking my perspective on flood relief. Here are my thoughts as well as some information I’ve gathered after getting to see the camps and talking to as many victims as possible these past few days.

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August 25, 2014

Flood Relief Update

I haven’t had time to write up a proper blog so I’m just writing up some quick notes and an update with what’s going on with our flood relief here in Surkhet. We’re mobilizing as best we can and it feels like every minute is pretty intense around here. There’s some immediate work to do as well as some long term rebuilding to think about.

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August 22, 2014

Local Kathmandu Volunteers Needed

Maggie is heading back to Surkhet to help manage the flood damage, but baby Ravi is still too fragile to make the trip. We need help taking care of him in the hospital in Kathmandu. We have two of our volunteer fellows on the job full time, and we'd love some additional people in support roles.

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