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Kopila Valley Journal

July 30, 2014

Tiniest Bud

The past 72 hours have been a blur. I actually think writing my thoughts down might help for me to take it all in. My arrival to Nepal was as good as could be. My chairwoman Treacy and I were able to travel together and spend sometime with our architect in Kathmandu before reaching home to Surkhet. When you run a project, leaving and spending time away is always kind of a test. Can this place really run just as well without me?

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July 23, 2014

Thanks for supporting the Tri for Kopila

We did it!!!! Olivia was amazinggggggggg. She walked off with a neck full of medals and set some pretty amazing records for herself. I felt so proud and teary eyed the entire race.

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July 09, 2014

Summer Dental Camp!

I was so touched when four incredible dentists told me they wanted to travel all the way to Nepal to host a dental clinic for our students and community at Kopila Valley this summer. Dental care in Nepal is definitely lacking and our students and their families would not normally have the opportunity to have their teeth cared for.

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